A Boarder's Day

We, at Belly Rubs, firmly believe all dogs great and small thrive on thoroughly exploring their environment both at home and when they are away from home.

It doesn’t matter whether that means fossicking, sniffing, rolling or just running. Given this philosophy, our furry friends spend their day (weather permitting) in our fully enclosed, individual, grassy exercise areas where they are secure and feel safe to play or relax. If they prefer to chill out, they might like to laze in their own personal paddling pool and dream the day away.

In the afternoon, our furry friends return to their individual kennel, which is of sturdy, brick construction, to protect them from the weather and allows for their privacy. Each kennel consists of sleeping quarters with a hammock bed, clean blanket and a large area to move around.

You are welcome to bring your own bedding if you prefer to. In summer, our kennels are cooled by fans and the air cooling system. Throughout the colder months, the kennels’ insulation and blinds protect your furry loved one from the elements and keep them cosy and warm.

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